Protest By Design
Poster Design | Typography | Copywriting 
In Association with Glug Events
Create a poster, adorning a relevant message of action or change in response to the climate crisis.​​​​​​​

It's black and white, we must take climate action now! With the global protests, climate strikes and the rise of Extinction Rebellion, there has never been a better time to use creativity to promote and call for climate action. In response to the crisis, Glug Events put out and open call to the creative community, setting out to compile the world's largest online database of protest posters, from which anyone can access and use. In support, I created four typographic posters which are available from the database.​​​​​​​
Process & Outcome
This project began with a single 'black and white' phrase, ACT NOW, SAVE THE PLANET! With this message at the forefront of my thinking, I formed a series of related and relevant phrases. In need of urgent action, I wanted my posters to adopt a no-nonsense attitude, with 'black and white' messaging and high visual impact.​​​​

The typographic style I chose was inspired by a fusion of condensed sans-serif wood type and mid-century modernist typefaces such as Karlgeorg Hoefer's 'Permanent Headline' and Walter Haettenschweiler's 'Schmalfette Grotesk'. The bold, condensed typography is assertive and delivers the messages with unquestionable clarity. The posters are set in Rama Gothic C by Dharma Type.
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