Designers Against Coronavirus
Poster Design | Typography | Non-Profit
In association with DAC​​​​​​​
Design a poster in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The message can relate to any aspect of the pandemic—from social distancing rules to thanking key workers—but it should promote positivity and hope.

Curated by Carosello Lab, Milan, Designers Against Coronavirus is an online poster archive and book created to raise money for the Red Cross and promote positivity during the pandemic.

Fuelled by the feeling of togetherness in a time of isolation, my contribution puts ‘Us’ first in the battle against coronavirus.
Through typographic exploration and word play, I wanted to change the narrative of the word ‘VIRUS’. By separating the word, I created a typographic contrast that puts people at the centre of the fight.

The colour selection was influenced by the colours used by The Red Cross. With my intention of using colour to create high contrast between the graphic elements of the poster, my variation of the red is more vibrant and brighter. 

By combining highly contrasting colours with dominant typography, I could communicate a powerful message of unity simply and with a strong visual impact.

My poster was selected to be featured and published on the DAC website as well as in the limited edition DAC book, with all proceeds being donated to The Red Cross.
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